Masterclass UX Leadership


Establish a europe-wide network of UX leaders to significantly increase the impact of User Experience thinking throughout the economy.


Make the human element as powerful and important as business and technology.

Grow as a UX leader within and with the support of our network.

In a serie of 2day workshops You will go through the landscape of UX Leadership by learning from experts and from your peers.

Workshop#1 – 4th and 5th of march 2021 – 09:00 – 18:00


  1. You are in the focus
    • Course contents are prioritized according to the needs and wishes of the participants
    • Continuous mentoring and coaching
    • Every team defines their learning objectives together with their mentor
  2. No-bullshit, real-life content
    • Participants work and learn on their real-world cases as a UX Leader
    • Lightning talks and lectures by experienced practioneers in UX Leadership
  3. Collaboration and knowledge exchange
    • Learning in small teams of two or three
    • regular experience exchange and retrospectives


#1 Building a Strategy

  • Work out UX Strategy Canvas with stakeholders and align it with business strategy
  • Develop and plan actions to implement the strategy
  • Collect feedback to find out how it works
  • Define UX KPIs and start measuring and reporting

#2 Organising for success

  • Build a UX organisation that can work effectively in the company
  • Integrate User Centered Design into company processes
  • Infect the mindsets of stakeholders in product development, IT and management with UX

#3 Creating a culture

  • Introduce UX trainings for skill development
  • Build up a UX community
  • Establish a workshop culture
  • Establish a mentality focusing on user input


European UX Leadership Network

Information: Christian Hauri